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I kinda ignored my own advice..

February 23, 2017

.. But now I am back on track. I found a fabulous new training website which is perfect as not only am I a bit bored of my usual workouts, but my DVD player has broken as well. I am still devouring the contents, it is so good I set up a small monthly donation, and of course I am putting in the work – a mixture of HIIT, Spartan Trials and Ironborn for now. I’ve upped my protein, especially after working out. I fast for about 15 hours most days, it is easy when I don’t snack after dinner and easily last until getting home from the school run. Since fasting on the job hardly ever worked, I stopped doing it, making sure to bring a healthy meal full of protein, healthy fats and veg, as well as a snack or two, which is usually a banana and a handful of nuts.

I’ve cut the booze too. I allow myself one day of drinking a week – either Friday or Saturday, whichever is more convenient – and a small allowance of snacking to go with it. During the week, after my usual herbal tea in the evening, I have a glass of sparkling water with a squeeze of lemon or lime as it is calorie-free [isn’t it?!] and it is easy to tell myself that this is my reward. After all, you wouldn’t be able to see the vodka in it.

After only a few days  my stomach is already flatter. I will be in fighting shape in 3 months. I’ve looked at some photos from last summer – you can’t really tell I work out, which annoys me. Skinny arms, wine belly. I am also watching ‘The Biggest Loser Australia’ for the first time and a) it pleases me that Commando is Paleo and b) Shannan said in an interview that to lose the last few kilograms and/or get where you really want to be, you will need to sacrifice nearly all of your indulgences, which is what I am doing. Finally.

I am even motivated by … playing Unreal Tournament, which is all about being super fit 🙂


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