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I got high from eating cake batter. Seriously.

November 23, 2016

I am not as orthorexic as I used to be. I try to be mindful and keep tabs on sugar, alcohol, gluten and carbs. Recently though I have been eating a bit more of these things – just a smidge – but PMS time rolled around and girl, did it knock me out. It’s been awhile it had interfered with my normal life. On Monday I gradually felt worse and worse, until my entire body ached, my bones felt cold and I had a hollow feeling in my chest. I tried to do yoga but collapsed from the effort. I showered but the water raining on me HURT. My appetite decreased dramatically. I was so exhausted and worried about doing a 10-hour shift the next day, I arranged to shorten it to 6 hours.

That shift on Tuesday went not too badly, I came home and within the next few hours started to deteriorate [oh, and that morning I left the back door unlocked! I usually check it multiple times before heading out or going to bed!]. Bloodshot eyes, exhausted, my whole body ached, I managed a third of my dinner and spent the rest of the evening on the sofa.

Today is Wednesday, day three, I felt sluggish when I got up but on the whole not too bad,  period in full swing now after several days of spotting, and I promised D I would just rest today, not like I feel like doing much anyway. Is this the price for eating some gluten [or specifically wheat as one website put it] and sugar? It is pretty awful and 90-10 rule should be followed, rather than 80-20.


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