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I quit sugar!

October 30, 2016

I watched the ‘That Sugar Film’ at the start of the year. Then I started following I Quit Sugar on social media. The more I read, the more I realised how addictive and dangerous sugar in all its forms is. Suffice to say, I had an inkling, given how many times I tried sitting there struggling with willpower as D or other people devoured cake and biscuits like there was no tomorrow.

For my birthday in September I received ‘That Sugar Book’, which reinforced all I knew. I quit sugar on October 3rd and for the first time ever, it was EASY. Shall I repeat that? Quitting sugar was EASY. I did not struggle at all. Snacking after dinner, my biggest problem, my reward for what, getting through the day? It was GONE.

I was sailing along nicely. It was EASY to say no to cake, biscuits, etc. I hardly thought about it. I felt more in tune with my appetite. I did not need sugar in ANY of its forms, refined or otherwise.

I went on a trip to Edinburgh, had more carbs than usual, more alcohol, a couple of biscuits here and there. Why not, I’ve got this under control.

Yesterday I had a bit of baguette from the supermarket. Plain, supposedly French. It tasted so sweet, like it was loaded with sugar. I recall when I came to the UK over 9 years ago, that’s how I felt everything tasted, just so sweet. Yes, pastries and cakes are made with sugar, but to my tastebuds they tasted so much sweeter than the ones in Poland. Even popcorn at the cinema! [I never converted to sweet popcorn, it is vile.]

For the last couple of evenings, my sugar dragon has awakened once again. Suddenly I am craving my after-dinner reward. Once again my willpower is being tested. But it is OK, I tell myself, I’ve overindulged a bit for the last couple of weeks, but I am only human, I am not orthorexic. Make like Damon Gameau and just chill. Damon is the Australian mastermind behind Those Sugar Things mentioned earlier, he doesn’t eat sugar, or drink alcohol or caffeine.

In a few weeks we will be attending a vegetarian Thanksgiving party where I know what the food will be – proper carb and sugar overload. Sweet potato mash with marshmallows, sweet green beans, super-supersweet pecan pie and super-supersweet biscuits. We go there every year and every year I find everything way too sweet. Last year I was more hungover from the sugar than the booze. This year I am planning to take a veggie lasagna so I can have something to eat.

Sugar does not have me under control. I’ve got sugar under control.


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