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Summer moved on

September 4, 2016

I am in a pretty good place right now. Summer is over, kids go back to school tomorrow. I paid attention to what I was eating but made plenty of room for treats. I fell ill once, it was after I devoured a good part of a large pizza, but after another day I was up and running [albeit with a small cough]. I had a few quite serious hangovers, I swear Polish booze is much stronger than British, which prompted me to have several days off from drinking. Driving is so much more fun, anyway [as opposed to drinking!].

I contemplated doing a September Whole30 [I attempted to do the January Whole30. I got to day 24 with food and day 27 without booze, but it backfired as I spent the first half of February hungover – more on that another time], but as I’ve mentioned several times previously, I can hardly be called an all-or-nothing girl. I do not have a weight problem or serious medical problems [Hashimoto’s is under control, I think], I know more or less which foods suit me and in what quantities, most importantly – I FEEL good most of the time, I am not depressed. I came back from my holiday without the usual brain fog. I have a slight pain in my neck but I’m sure that will go away.



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