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Coffee time and fruit belly.

October 4, 2015

As I sit here writing this at 9:30 on Sunday morning, I have just finished my breakfast of goat’s milk yogurt with pear, sunflower seeds and turmeric and I’m waiting for 10 o’clock to drink my coffee. My mind is screaming that this is the wrong way round: having coffee first thing after waking up is a saintly, unshaken ritual.

Well, guess what. There are specific times of the day when you can have that coffee, and the remainder of the time, forget it. Those times are 10am – noon, 2pm and 5pm [though skip the last one if you want to fall asleep later without any problems]. Those times are when our cortisol levels are the lowest, hence the caffeine boost is welcome. Times other than that, our cortisol levels are higher and our bodies are more alert, and drinking coffee can inhibit production of cortisol. And if you drink coffee first thing in the morning like I do, it diminishes the caffeine’s effect and builds up a greater tolerance to caffeine in the long run. I remember that the dietitian recommended eating breakfast soon after waking up and then having coffee, but this was one piece of advice I’d ignored. Not anymore.

Looks like my cortisol levels are out of whack, because I feel like I really need that coffee right now.

Next item of business: fruit belly.

I read the excerpt of ‘Fruit Belly’ by Romy Dolle and it gave me one of those ‘aha!’ moments. I’ve been Paleo for a while now and I’m still eating tons of fruit and vegetables, mostly raw. And even though my weight has dropped to 58.4 kg [I still can’t believe it], I still have a belly. Yes, when I suck it in I can see a six-pack, but I shouldn’t have to suck it in. So, it turns out I have a fruit belly. Or a fruit-and-raw-veg belly.

I still have a lot of fruit sitting about and some salad veg in the fridge, so as soon as those are polished off I am tweaking my diet. Again. If I’m completely honest, I am growing a bit tired of the constant salads. Autumn is here so it is time to swap salads and smoothies for soups anyway. I am a big fan of fruit, especially when I am craving something sweet or before a workout, but as usual, I will adjust and adapt.


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