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I went on holiday. And saw a dietitian.

August 28, 2015

For three weeks I went on holiday back to Poland. My mother, although she herself had the ImuPro50 test done, is not a firm believer of strictly eliminating her sensitivities, even though she has worse symptoms than I do after eating culprit food. I fell off the wagon completely, binging on beer, tomatoes added to every salad, pizza, and throw in dairy for good measure. I thought I didn’t feel too crappy for a while, but towards the end I was constantly tired, brainfogged so badly I wondered whether I should be driving at all, I had a 2-day episode of shoulder-neck pain, but I did not have my usual week-long diarrhea at the start.

A few days before the end, I went to a registered dietitian, whose second words [after saying hello and asking a couple of introductory questions] were accusing me of eating culprit food on holiday. That’s no excuse, she said, cook your own food. As we continued our talk, she changed her tone when she realised I’m not a complete idiot and have done plenty of research. Without knowing it, she pretty much prescribed the autoimmune protocol [AIP] for me. She did not dismiss Paleo, even encouraged it after I explained my version of it, that the constant eating of grain-fed or otherwise inferior meat is a misconception.

With regards to my Hashimoto’s, she forbade nightshades, uncooked cruciferous vegetables, all dairy and gluten, drinking coffee on an empty stomach, suggested swapping it for correctly-brewed green tea, and prescribed a ton of supplements, but I am not sure I will be taking all of them. She mentioned Omega-3 in fish is destroyed by cooking so supplementing is necessary. I will definitely be looking into supplementing K2MK7, probiotics, D3.

She said I can cut myself some slack with the number 1 and 2 sensitivities, consumption should be limited and rotated every 3-4 days.

My body composition got analysed. I am slightly over 168 cm tall, weigh 60 kg [!!!], of which 15,8 kg is fat and 24,2 kg is muscle mass, which is within the normal range but I could stand to gain 2,6 kg of muscle and lose 1,9 kg of fat [I agree!].

So we are back home now, I am still off the wagon as we get back into the swing of things and stock up. Also, we are going to a wedding this weekend, who knows what kind of food there’ll be, so my new diet will conveniently start on September 1st.


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