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A journey this is.

May 17, 2015

After nearly 6 weeks of not eating refined sugar, I had 2 chocolate chip cookies yesterday. They were homemade, very sugary, with gluten, crumbly and delicious. Straight away I felt high [not putting it in quotation marks on purpose], quickly followed by a crash, near-headache and .. near-depression. [I quickly had some 85% dark chocolate and felt better]. And later that evening I got my stiff neck and shoulder combo, which maybe doesn’t have anything to do with what I eat, but the last time I had that was almost exactly a year ago. So guess what I’m thinking.

I have been ignoring the 1st degree sensitivities. My parents came to visit and for that occasion I bought some gluten-free bread and ground coffee and I’ve been consuming both. The bread mostly with almond butter and jam [I refuse to admit jam is full of refined sugar]. And coffee from a coffeemaker is so delicious – I add goat’s milk – and getting back to tea has been difficult. So now – coffee at the weekend. Also, I have pulled out of storage a big teapot and have been brewing Chinese green tea, which is nice.

In order to spice up my eating life I’ve been buying various foods I probably shouldn’t be buying – coconut milk ice cream, salted cashews, lots of dark chocolate. And also heavily-processed gluten-free items – pizza, pies, bread. So far they all have been one-off. Because sometimes you need a little bit of convenience in your cooking life.

I try not to drink, but every evening I need to have an argument with myself. And I have not been drinking just one evening a week, more like three, but still 3 is less than 6!


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