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PMS week.

April 20, 2015

Over the last week I had PMS, ate a massive bag of cashews [conclusion: avoid nuts except for almonds, which were okayed by the sensitivities test], ate a lot of sweet potatoes and 85% dark chocolate [carb and chocolate cravings], found out I get gassy and bloated after cashews [or large amounts of them] and white potatoes so avoid.

I’ve been reading¬†The Paleo Approach by Sarah Ballantyne, PhD, author of The Paleo Mom, and things are making sense.

Regarding food sensitivities, whether you eliminate the foods or not will depend partly on how strong the sensitivity is. If you have a leaky gut, many foods will test positive on a food-sensitivity screen, and excluding those foods may not be necessary in that case. [p. 281]

With regards to this, I think I will try and avoid all my foods on the list and alcohol, which of course is a toxin and Sarah strongly advises against it. MAYBE a couple of drinks on Saturday, but NO MORE. In just over a month we are going on holiday where breakfast and dinner is included, so I will definitely try to avoid gluten, dairy, eggs, tomatoes and refined sugar [good luck with that. There is supposed to be unlimited ice cream!! And unlimited food in general]. But I think I will forget about the 1st degree sensitivities. It’s hard enough to eat at home where I prepare all my own food.

By the way, the remaining foods left off the list below were several gluten-containing grains [which of course tested as 3rd degree sensitivities]. Also, celery counts into the celeriac category, not sure why I didn’t assume this.


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