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Food sensitivities test.

April 4, 2015

So I went to Poland for a week, where I had runny stools practically the whole time, thanks to which my stomach was completely flat and six-pack well visible [yes! I have a six-pack!]. There I got tested for 44 of the most common food sensitivities – and came out with a whopping 27 foods I cannot eat.

Foods I am most sensitive to [4]:

  • cow’s milk
  • eggs

Next on the list [3]:

  • gluten
  • tomatoes
  • poppy seeds
  • pistachios
  • hazelnuts

After that [2]:

  •  coffee
  • honey
  • pineapple

Least sensitive to, but still sensitive [1]:

  • yeast
  • sheep’s milk
  • cod
  • garlic
  • peanuts
  • soy
  • celeriac
  • carrot
  • chicken
  • cow’s milk products such as yogurt

The list doesn’t add up to 27 because I am unsure of the remaining foods. My mum gave me a quick list over Skype and I will get the proper and full results next week.

So, now the challenge of what to eat. Some of these don’t bother me in the slightest – I eat poppy seeds and pineapple maybe once a year, I can make that zero, no problem – but eggs? Coffee? Honey? Yogurt? Garlic? This won’t be easy. Neither was going Paleo. I can make this work.


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