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Finished the 30-day challenge. Constipated.

February 7, 2015

What have I learned over the last few weeks?

1. I cannot manage a strict diet. If I am ever told that I need to be 100% gluten free it will be not be a good day. The more I deny myself something the more I want it, even if it is several days or even weeks later.

2. I am generally happier and fuller when eating lots of fat and protein. However I can still lower my potato and other starchy veg consumption further.

3.  Since going high-protein, high-fat I have become constipated again [and I have been constipated most of my life]. Increased water, prunes, flaxseeds only seem to help for a short time. I have even bought a laxative tea to drink in the evening. It is very bitter, ergo disgusting. I need to eat less chocolate…… and possibly reintroduce well-soaked grains as per the Weston A. Price dietary guidelines…

4…. because maybe the Paleo diet isn’t the answer to everything, even Mark Sisson’s version of it.

After completing all the workouts on Bob’s Skinny Rules DVD boxset, I am proud to say I made it through and loved it, and I will be doing it all over again. I bought myself skinny jeans, not only to celebrate 5 cm lost from my waist [although it didn’t seem to make a difference in size – still 40], but primarily because my old jeans have ripped on the knee and I don’t have any other jeans [!]. Also, I have finally bought Bob’s book ‘The Skinny Rules’. Hey, I’ve read Jillian’s books, and I know Bob has gone down the low-carb, HIIT route so it’s only fair. And in the book Bob’s reminded me about wholegrains and their fibre.

But I can’t eat grains, I immediately thought. Well, maybe Paleo isn’t working so great if I am constipated, I counter-thought. And as much Mark’s Daily Apple is awesome and makes sense in so many ways, even HE frequently says to question everything.

I still have some millet and lentils in my cupboard so I might give it a shot.

I will be investigating Weston A. Price further. My brother-in-law advocates this diet and it looks promising. Oh, and I’ve returned to a bit of intermittent fasting, which is so much easier when carbs aren’t my primary fuel.


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