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It’s going well.

January 3, 2015

I have been keeping a log of what I eat. Not on any websites, with the calorie, vitamin etc. content, just a quick jot in my lovely new 2015 calendar book. No quantities, no specifics, salad is just salad, i.e. a bunch of veg with homemade dressing. It is easier, less frustrating and I’d rather be spending some time writing a few lines on this blog about how it’s all going, and how yesterday I had a weird, albeit small hypoglycaemic episode. Otherwise everything is nice and easy. No cravings. I’m hardly hungry, probably after two weeks of eating everything and anything I wanted my body just needs a bit of a break.

I’ve come to the conclusion I did not feel bad at all during those two weeks of Christmas eating. Yesterday, after Dave went back to work I got my gluten rage again – I think it takes a few days after stopping eating gluten for my system to calm down. But – as many times over the last few months – I am wondering if it’s all in my head. Heck, Hashimoto’s could be in my doctor’s head! I am even doubting the one thing I had never doubted – that eating sugar leads to more sugar cravings! Had they maxed out over Christmas?!

So was there anything, anything at all different over the Christmas period? Yes. Bloat. I still hardly notice it because I’ve had it for so long. Constipation, which I would normally put down to chocolate [and I had eaten a lot of chocolate]. Skin on my face looked worse – drier, lines were deeper, small breakouts which I hardly ever get.

I’ve got bad wind today, what’s up with that? I have been seriously wondering about FODMAPS, but for the moment I cannot be bothered with this. It seems very complicated and I just want to focus on the Primal Blueprint.

Also, today I did my first proper exercise in a long time [apart from a single sprinting session last week] – Bob’s Core WOD, short but ass-busting. Does it make me an exercise geek that I am excited to be doing something called WOD? Well, I am.

Tomorrow I might go sprinting, which is part my usual Sunday routine.

I had a couple of gin and tonics last night, and might have another couple of drinks tonight because it is Saturday and we still have booze, but after that I can hopefully last until next Saturday.


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