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New Year’s Resolution: Perfect Body, Perfect Mind

January 1, 2015

My efforts to follow the Primal Blueprint were going quite well I suppose – until Christmas rolled around. Even before that I had occasional cheats because how much can the powdered gravy in Dave’s delicious shepherd’s pie hurt me? But it has chemicals and gluten, and I really should be 100% gluten free with Hashimoto’s, supposedly.

So I made up my mind to have a final fling with the bad stuff until 2nd January. Drink lots of booze, eat Polish pierogi, cakes, chocolate, pancakes, bread, cheese, dairy, processed food, gravy, biscuits, crackers, salted nuts, even mince pies I don’t really like – all without shame, guilt, bear the brunt of all and any consequences and for the first time do what so many other people attempt: have a very healthy January. And hopefully it’ll be the start of something fantastic.

The plan is:

  • eat grass-fed meat, sustainably caught fish, free-range eggs, organic veg, some fruit, healthy fats and some nuts and seeds
  • avoid gluten, grains, dairy, processed food, soy, sugar
  • have a couple of drinks on Saturday night
  • intermittent fasting [I will be aiming for 14/10] with a possible 20-hour fast once a week
  • exercise with my brand new Bob Harper 5-dvd set [I even have a poster with a month’s schedule]
  • take time to relax without the TV or computer

My stats taken 1st January 2015:

  • weight: 65.1 kg  [gained 4 kg since summer..]
  • waist at navel: 86 cm
  • hips: 89 cm
  • neck: 33 cm
  • wrist: 15 cm
  • body fat: 28.6% [in the acceptable range]
  • BMI: 23.03
  • BMR: 1379 calories per day
  • btw height: 168 cm

I will weigh myself weekly. I will not count calories unless I start gaining weight. How long will this last? Hopefully a full 30 days. After that I will try reintroducing dairy. If I lose some chunk I promise I will buy myself a snug-fitting pair of jeans. That can be my goal. I don’t have a specific weight-loss goal in mind, other than look good naked and feel good all around.

Let the game begin! [tomorrow, I swear].


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