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Gluten turns me into a psychotic bitch.

November 12, 2014

It’s been a while, mostly because it felt like there hasn’t been much to report. I have been struggling with the amounts and types of food I eat. Meat, fats, vegetables, fruit OK, but a handful of nuts? More like three. A few squares of 85% dark chocolate? More like half, or even three-quarters of a 100 g bar. A small glass of red wine? More like three large ones. Even so, I managed to lose a bit of weight.

My first proper PMS on Paleo was a nightmare. I couldn’t stop eating. Before my second PMS I took care to load up on sweet and white potatoes [carbs], dark chocolate and red wine [mood enhancers]. That went much better.

But now is a difficult time again as it is birthday season which will soon progress to Christmas season. I have a hard time stopping eating cake. I do just fine without bread or wraps but if there is a cake in the fridge or anything sweet around I’ll be hard-pressed to not eat it. Dark chocolate is good, but I eat way too much of it in one sitting and have a harder time going to the bathroom afterwards.

I’ve come to the not very scientific conclusion that eating gluten makes me angry. No, turns me into an annoying bitch who loses it over the tiniest issues. I scream bloody murder at my kids for spilling water only to hug them for ages and ages afterwards, plagued with guilt. I can’t help it, I just can’t. I can then see myself as no different from parents in pathological homes.

I cannot eat sugar nor gluten. If not for me, then for my kids.


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