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Hypoglycaemia from too many carbs.. or protein?

September 14, 2014

In an attempt to purge my cupboards of grains, legumes and processed foods by the 1st October deadline, I had a very nice gluten-free pasta lunch yesterday. I added shredded leftover chicken, fresh sliced tomatoes and pesto and shared it with my daughter [who, I believe, might have mild gastrointestinal issues of her own], who loved it. It was a large portion after which I did not feel stuffed, however when my partner and I sat down to a dinner at a steakhouse five hours later I was still not feeling hungry. Unfortunately, our time to eat dinner was limited as we were going to the theatre for 7:30 pm. So I attempted to eat a 10-ounce steak. I ate most of it, downed half a bottle of red wine to go with it, yet I preferred the Greek salad that I ordered with it. [On a side note, even though there was no separate menu, I was impressed with our waiter’s knowledge of gluten-free recommendations and the fact that he took the situation very seriously]. An hour later, as we stood around waiting for the play to start, I had a hypoglycaemic episode: sweating, panic, shakiness. I bought a £3 bag of Maltesers and ate the whole thing, over 600 calories of it, even though my symptoms subsided about halfway through. After the play, thinking that eating the sickly sweet chocolates sabotaged my gluten-free efforts [not to mention empty calories and heavily processed sugar], I drank a beer at the outdoor festival we came across on our walk.

So. Why the hypoglycaemic episode? Was it because of the big bowl of pasta 6 hours before, or the massive steak 1 hour before? Or something else? One thing for sure, I do not feel like eating meat today, or at least the bacon and eggs Dave has promised me this morning. There will be lamb for dinner at the in-laws’ house [Dave’s mum already informed of my new meat-eating habits].


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