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Gluten-free convenience food and exercise

September 13, 2014

I usually make my own pizza bases and pesto but thought I’d take a shortcut yesterday. I bought a gluten-free pizza base, gluten-free pesto and made myself a delicious-sounding pizza with pesto, tomatoes and mozzarella. Unfortunately the pizza base was chock full of chemicals and boy, did I feel it last night and this morning. I struggled through my morning workout, weak, tired, bloated, gassy.

Regarding my workouts, I have cut down on the intensity. I discovered a great paleo/primal website which I am reading like the Bible. So much makes sense. The philosophy to eat right, cut the Chronic Cardio, sprint a bit now and then, and lift intensely a couple times a week is very appealing and so far the fitness part has been working for me very well. My version of Chronic Cardio which was forcing myself to go ‘running’ which was more like jogging/walking made me feel tired very quickly, I did not enjoy it one bit [but I have to ‘go running’. I am a ‘runner’. I’d bought expensive shoes and completed a 10k a few months ago for gods’ sake]. However, a few days ago I went sprinting, and what a difference. I did my walk/jog to the park as a warm-up, then sprinted several times with breaks for walking and it was so much more enjoyable [although it could have been the novelty that made it so]. I am moderately active everyday [with two preschoolers it’s inevitable], throw in a couple of leisurely-paced bike rides and a couple of short HIIT and strength-training sessions on DVD, a touch of yoga and exercising has never felt so good, or stress-free.

I also read through the 30-day Paleo trial that this girl wrote about. It is an interesting story about how Heather went from vegetarian to vegan to Paleo and what a difference it has made. Shame she’s not updating the website anymore.

Next time – fasting.


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