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GP visit in a few days, hopefully I will get tested for coeliac and/or allergies

June 27, 2014

I’ve been back to normal with my eating habits, just about. I am enjoying every bowl of oatmeal and every slice of toast, French baguettes, Brie [I think it is Brie that is giving me absolutely atrocious wind], oatcakes. I eat the kids’ leftovers IF I am still hungry. There are some changes though – I’ve maintained my high fruit and veg consumption. Alcohol very limited [I don’t feel like drinking!]. I have coffee sporadically instead of every morning. And after an initial multi-evening binge-eating of biscuits and crisps I have just stopped that too. I allow myself just 3 oatcakes per evening. I have a feeling I might lose a lot of weight thanks to this.

The newest recommendations are to eat 6 teaspoons or less a day – or something like that. Less than a can of soda. So that is my pledge to myself – stop eating not only biscuits, but anything else that is highly processed, drowning in fat, sugar, salt or additives. I will happily eat a slice of cake if it is made by someone I know. I have stopped drinking soda many years ago and have no craving for it, maybe, just maybe the same thing will happen with sweets and crisps? Ha.


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