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June 18, 2014

I’ve had 2 cupcakes yesterday and a chocolate shortbread just now. Yes, very bad. I think I’ve given up. The problem started with me finding out that I should have gluten in my diet for 6 weeks in order to test for coeliac disease. Now I feel a slight headache coming on and possibly brain fog. Or is it all in my head, haha.

Oh, and guess what else, my ribcage doesn’t hurt too much but when I tried running this morning I got a stabbing pain in the ovarian area straight away. Went back home, annoyed, did yoga, felt a bit better.

Aaaaand I’ve got a tingle in the back of my throat. I give up on this body. Or maybe I’ll just call my GP and ask when and if I can get tested for coeliac disease. Then maybe I’ll try a full blown elimination diet [no nightshades, citruses, corn, alcohol and gods know what else in addition to eggs, soy, gluten and dairy, obviously].


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