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Day 13 of the elimination diet

June 14, 2014

I dreamed last night of eating a lovely, fresh white roll with butter and felt the change in my body. All blame was placed on the gluten, not the dairy.

I am happy to report that today is another pain-free day, apart from a bit of soreness. I regret polishing off nearly a whole bag of honey-roasted nuts yesterday, full of salt, fat, glucose syrup and additives. It was delivered in our shopping as a substitution and I’d accepted it. I’d never normally buy such a thing. Additives are addictive! I’m quite sure this is what is giving me bad wind now.

I’m debating whether to start re-introducing foods next week. We are going out on Saturday night and that usually involves a meal in a restaurant, which would be obviously tricky when not eating eggs, gluten or dairy. My doctor friend says two weeks should be enough to come to some conclusions. But maybe we’ll just eat at home.

I am quite proud of myself for sticking to this diet [apart from soy].


UPDATE: I went to the supermarket and apart from actually shopping, played my favourite game of analysing what other people buy [and judging, yes, I am a terrible person]. Queuing  behind me was a chubby woman who had lots of processed food such as fish in batter and frozen chips [has kids], lots of milk and meat [again, has kids and probably a man], soft drinks [for herself], flour [enjoys a bit of baking], very few veg [trying to be healthy]. In front me was an obese woman who had lots of soft drinks, muffins, cakes, crisps [I wondered how much of that she would eat today]. Now before you judge me for judging other people, I judge myself too. [I had beef mince, crisps and gluten-free biscuits – but only one item was for me, guess which one!;-)] I had had that packet of honey-roasted nuts, sweetened with glucose syrup [honey – yeah, right], and I craved more. I craved more yesterday because I did not stop until I finished the packet, I craved more today when I snacked on lots of unsalted and salted nuts throughout the day, and when I went to the shops to get gluten-free biscuits. The craving beast was awakened, and he was asleep for nearly two weeks.

This has got to stop.


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