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Let the elimination diet begin

June 6, 2014

Due to Internet issues here is the post from Monday 2nd June:

Today is the first day of the elimination diet. So far I’ve had black coffee, for breakfast a bowl of brown rice with coconut milk, honey and blueberries [good, if a bit odd] and for lunch an avocado, mango and apple salad with walnuts, pumpkin seeds, basil leaves and a balsamic-olive oil-honey dressing [a twist on Gwyneth’s recipe, surprisingly delicious]. I might be feeling slightly hungry, but it might just be my brain telling my body that it’s used to waaaay more calories. When I eat, I focus all of my attention on eating – I don’t read or watch tv.

In my previous post I forgot to mention yet another ailment – I occasionally get unexplained rashes. About a month or so ago I had an itchy rash on the inside of one of my elbows, which slowly subsided only to reappear on my lower legs. It took a while but all rashes and itchiness disappeared. However, I still can’t touch my neck [even a gentle touch, no scratching or anything], without the skin turning red and itchy – I’ve had this for months, I think.

My neck and shoulder are still a bit sore from Friday [!].

I went for a really long bike ride yesterday. It felt good. I hope I can get to more exercising soon – my neck and shoulder pains need to completely stop, and I need to figure out what to eat on the elimnation program to fuel my workouts. 


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